Environment and recycling

The concern with the correct destination of industrial residues and with exhausting of our natural resources has occupied the center of our mind more and more in the public and private sector policies.

In view of this new scenery, in which the environmental issue permeates all the discussions over the sustainability of our planet, has made it indispensable that the company's generators of industrial residues take upon themselves the responsibility of its correct destination or its reutilization. At such, it is necessary to develop an environmental management structure or to establish alliances with trust worthy partners that handles the treatment and the adequate destination of the residues.

The mission of RFR Recycling as a company is exactly to contribute towards the preservation of the environment, to assure the viability of reutilization of ferrous materials, which, without its activity, would discarded in the environment and would demand for the extraction of non-renewable natural resources.

The recycling of steel scrap, apart from avoiding the exhaustion of the natural resources, still presents various economic advantages for the companies. It makes it possible the generation of revenues with the sale of commercial residues and the diminution of expenses with environmental management. Beyond this, various studies demonstrate that recycling of scraps allow for the saving of millions of barrels of petroleum, it prolongs the useful life of the sanitary embankments and the mineral reserves and makes possible the reduction in the consumption of electric energy and in the utilization of the hydrous resources.

With the object to attending fully all the necessities of its clients and the legislation in vigor, RFR has all the licenses pertaining to its activity together with municipal, state (Cetesb) and federal (Ibama) environmental organs. The company is certified by ISO 14,000.