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Logistics and Transportation

RFR Recycling maintains a modern fleet of 80 trucks for quality and rapid attendance to the most variable necessities of collection of its suppliers. Apart from the vehicles of the type roll-on, poly-cranes and munck, the company has Tilter equipment for loading and discharging of maritime containers of 20 x 40 feet.

The still disposes of about two thousand tippers of 7 m³ to 35 m³ for the storage and collection of scraps. With basis in its ample experience in the sector, it also projects exclusive tippers to attend specific demands of its clients.

Among them is the ecological tipper, built with compartments, which separate the raw material collected from the residues of water and oil, which may eventually be mixed, into it. These compartments avoid that the residues link during transportation making it possible discard in a form environmentally adequate.

The objective of all this precaution is to guarantee the clean condition and safe transportation of the materials, within and outside the company, eliminating risks and offering better results, economics as well as environmental.

Always with the compromise of offering the best logistics and transport solutions, RFR is ready to install equipment for processing even within the industry generator of the scrap, in a way to facilitate and quicken the process of recycling.

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