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RFR offers its clients the most complete range of products for the different types of ovens, much for the big steel mills, as well as the small foundries. The company disposes of all types of scraps already prepared for consumption, in any quantity and form of processing: triturated, compressed, briquette, cutting, oxicort or sifted.

The precedence and the quality of raw materials are guaranteed by means of the most modern system of control, monitoring and weighing. With this, RFR has the capacity to attend most varied demands of steel mills and foundries, much of composition and density as well as of sizes.

Scraps and Obsolescence

- Package of Plates (30x30 cm / 40x40 cm / 45x45 cm / 60x60 cm)
- Cut Structural Scrap
- Triturated Scrap (Shredder)
- Scrap of Cast Iron

Industrial Scraps

- Packet of Stamped Steel (30x30 cm / 40x40 cm / 45x45 cm / 60x60 cm)
- Tiny Stamping
- Oxicort Scrap
- Forged Scrap
- Tiny Industrial Scrap
- Perforated Scrap
- Screened Scrap
- Chipped Steel
- Chipped Cast Iron
- Briquette Chipped Cast Iron
- Briquette of Chipped Steel
- Packet of Chipped Steel (30x30 cm / 40x40 cm / 45x45 cm)


Apart from products of high quality, RFR also develop specific solutions for storage, logistics, collection, separation and preparation of scraps, involving equipment and labor, for generating industries, foundries and steel mills. Its specialization and wide experience in the scrap market guarantee the quality of services offered.

The company makes available all of its equipment infrastructure and knowledge of the sector, to industries, which need scraps prepared or labor management of residues, but does not want to invest in equipment, by option or viability of scale. In these cases, RFR executes services of transportation, internal movement, conditioning in box tippers, impressing, briquette and triturating, in the mill of the client as well as in their installations.

Sales in Brazil and abroad

Apart from attending to large mill plants, RFR commercializes its products and services by supplying foundries of large and small sizes, always with high quality, punctuality and focus in the specific needs of each client.

Also it is to attend orders from clients in five continents, for every type of products, offering the most modern technology and the most rigid process of control and monitoring so that the scrap arrives with quality, punctuality and safety to its final destination.

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