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Technology and Processes

Machines and equipment

RFR invests strongly in technology to offer products and services of high quality to its clients. For this reason, it has the most modern processing equipment, control and monitoring of raw materials and processes.

The company is the only one in the country with a detector of radiation Exploranium AT-900, which secures the delivery of products free of radiation to the internal and external market. The company also has the Shredder triturating machine, which, after processing the scrap, separates the ferrous materials from the non-ferrous, optimizing the production.

Another machine of last generation available at RFR is the Tilter, used specifically for export. It allows a faster and safer loading of the containers to be shipped to other countries.

Apart from these equipment, RFR counts on modern steel press, cutters, weighing balances, magnets, excavators, lifting equipment and briquettes, which processes raw materials before commercialization to steel mills and foundries.

Control and monitoring

In order to guarantee the high quality of the products and services offered to clients, in Brazil and abroad, RFR maintains rigorous control and monitoring methods of all its processes, from the purchasing of the raw materials to transportation of the processed product until its final destination.

Always with the compromise of dispatching to each steel mill and foundry the material with specific chemical composition defined by the client, RFR executes chemical analysis of all of its suppliers. It also does the weighing of all the trucks of raw material before they enter into the company’s compound, in order to safeguard the exact quantity of scrap available daily.

The company also maintains a system of monitoring of the processes executed in the compound so that the clients can follow-up, by Internet and in good time, the loading of the residues. This service is especially relevant in the case of exportation, since it makes it possible for the buyers from other countries to monitor the loading of their containers in a quick form, practical and secured.

Processing and recycling

RFR executes different types of processing and recycling of scraps, which may be carried out in its unit as well as in the plants of the clients, in order to attend their specific necessities.

In order to know how some of these processes of recycling and the milling, see the videos below:

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